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Your door is the gateway to your home. In fact, a properly framed door that fits the décor of your space can pull your whole home together! Between that and keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it’s important to make sure your doors are properly fitted and looking great.


At Toolman Property Maintenance, Terry can help you make sure that your doors work and appear the way you want them to. Licensed, Terry’s handymen service is dedicated to customer satisfaction and he is fully prepared to help you with your doors and any other home improvements.

Whether you are hoping to add a door between two adjoining rooms or need repair services on an existing door in your home, you’ll likely want help from a trained technician with carpentry experience! Because hanging doors properly is a complicated task, Terry can make sure your door swings and slides smoothly, closes without a hitch and has functioning locks.


Because doors are used every day, repair may be necessary down the road. Whether your door is squeaking, dented, leaking air, rotting, or facing another issue, Terry is fully insured and a qualified professional at Toolman Property Maintenance who can tackle the issue! Exterior doors play an important role in the comfort of your home—if they are not properly framed, you may have a cold draft in the winter and let your home’s cool air escape during the summer. Terry is fully committed to making sure your doors add comfort to your home rather than problems!


Terry can install or repair a wide variety of doors, including:

  • Entry doors

  • Interior doors

  • Screen doors

  • Sliding glass doors

  • Closet doors

  • And much more

Door Painting Services

Are you hoping to give your doors a fresh new look? Maybe you want to make all your interior doors the same colour. Perhaps you want to paint your front door a bold shade of red. No matter your vision, Terry can give your doors a fresh paint job. Because door surfaces tend to be tricky, a professional will use the proper techniques and applicators to make your door look beautiful. He can also remove and re-hang your doors before and after painting to keep the scent of paint out of your space.

Pet Door Installation & Repair

Let your pets come and go as they please with a new pet door! Whether you’re adding a swinging, doggy door to your back door or are simply inserting one in the interior of your home, Terry is your handymen which can add the perfect entryway for your furry friend. If the door has any issues, he can help you get it working again!

Need trusted handyman services in the Gold Coast area? Contact Terry at Toolman Property Maintenance or give him a call at 0417 446 551  today!

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